‘Between Sisters’ leaves more to be desired

Between Sisters leaves more to be desired

Grace Dorsey

If you are tired of the flashy, exciting and fast-paced storytelling of recent Hollywood blockbusters, “Between Sisters” will provide a clear contrast with its intimacy and drawn out plot. The movie follows two aging Italian sisters’ relationship with both each other and the world.
It was obvious from the beginning that there wasn’t going to be any embellishment to the story. The scenes are strikingly unedited, put together in a way that makes the viewer feel like a fly on the wall. In fact, if it weren’t for the subtle subtitles, many scenes felt like they came straight out of a home video. The shakiness of the camera paired with some slightly awkward pans served as a reminder of the film’s private nature.
Much of the dialogue felt familiar, with Teresa and Ornella squabbling over Ornella’s romantic relationships and nights out. Anyone who has dealt with a family member with failing hearing will find Teresa’s struggle to communicate recognizable and slightly amusing.
The mystery of the past remains core the plot, repeatedly denied by Teresa. This point of interest was coupled with conversations about the life the two sisters have led and small intimate scenes that could only come with a family member behind the camera. Teresa is grappling to come to terms with her failing health, remembering her mother’s slow eight-month demise in the hospital.
Unfortunately, at times, the lack of engaging storytelling left the viewer wanting more. Although there is an understanding that this isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster, some aspects felt dragged out and overplayed.
Overall, this film has a certain qualities that are on the fine line between unembellished and engaging. I believe it would be a nice movie for a quiet evening, but in all honesty I would not pay to see it again. Perhaps, however, it appeals to a different audience — one that I’m not a part of.
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