How to see movies last minute at the True/False film festival


A map of Columbia’s downtown during true false.

Kat Sarafianos

Infographic by Megan Goyette
[heading]Before you Q[/heading] Check True/False’s Box Office at the Imago Gallery (next to Strange Donuts) first to see if tickets are available because they’re a bit cheaper than if you buy them at the Q. If tickets are available, they’ll be sold at the Box Office up until 15 minutes prior to the screening. Q-ing movies is only an option for movies that are marked on the True/False website as NRT (No Reserved Tickets). After that, any available seats are sold through the Q system.
Q-ing is how late buyers to True/False get tickets to their choice documentaries and it’s not hard at at all.
[heading]How to Q[/heading] 1. Look for a Queen: If unsure of where to go, look for the flamboyantly dressed Queens; Queens are True/False volunteers who dress in crazy outfits and head the Q lines to help direct people. Queens also hand out Q numbers that you’ll need if you want a chance to get a ticket.
2. Get there early: The tickets sold at the Q are reserved tickets for about 10 percent of the theater. Depending on how big the venue is and how many people show up, they might sell out quickly. We recommend arriving at least an hour early; Q lines can go on for blocks at certain films. Remember: they can only give one Q number per person so don’t think you can save some for friends. Once you have your “Q” number in hand, you can leave the venue to do whatever you want instead of waiting in the line. Just remember to get back to the venue on time.
3. Get back on time: 15 minutes prior to the start of the film, the Venue Captain will begin to release available seats. For example, if there are only 16 seats reserved, 1 through 16 in the Q will get in. If you’re late and miss your Q number being called, you’ll have to go to the back of the line.
4. Have money: Even though you won’t have to pay for passes, you still need to pay for the tickets. If you buy tickets at the Box Office, they’re $10, but if you buy them at the Q, they’re $12.
5. Dress warmly: The past couple years at True/False have been pretty cold and if you Q at night, it’s especially chilly. It’s possible you might be standing there for over an hour for a Q number.
What’s the difference between a pass and a ticket?
A pass offers free access to several films of your choice and to other exclusive events like concerts and meeting the directors. A ticket must be bought before the given film either at the box office or at the venue using the Q system. Tickets are only good for that one-time movie viewing and offer no other perks, so we recommend you look into buying a pass.