Columbia College to build new quad on campus


Ji-Ho Lee

The Columbia College campus will introduce its newly constructed  quad next semester, greeting a new wave of incoming freshmen, some of whom are soon-to-be RBHS alumni.
Soon-to-be graduates are often attracted to attending school close to home. With five colleges in Columbia alone, students have a number of choices here, one of which is Columbia College (CC).
CC administrators recently decided to begin the construction of a new quad on the campus.
“The Board of Trustees approved the plan to begin construction on Jan. 15,” Sam Fleury, Assistant Director or Public Relations, said about the new quad. “[The reaction to the new quad] has been very positive. I think it will be a place that students and faculty will enjoy a lot, and a place that they can get together and socialize.”
The quad, however, is much more than a location of socialization. Fleury stated that the quad would host a new safety office, making the campus more secure and offering a sense of comfort to students and staff.
The new change has impacted more than just the current student body.
Senior Brett Bales, who will play soccer for the Cougars come fall, heard about the new quad. Despite his knowledge of the large construction project, Bales was attracted to the school’s atmosphere and the soccer team; a team that he had grown up with.
“I was aware of the new quad [Columbia College] is building,” Bales said. “It didn’t really affect my decision and it doesn’t change my perspective of the school. But I do feel that it will make the campus look a lot nicer.”
Senior Molly Klein, who will also continue to pursue her academic and soccer career at CC, had no knowledge of the new quad.
Similar to Bales, the connections that she had developed with the people of the school, and the environment of the school’s campus had a larger impact on her decision to attend, rather than the quad.
“I decided to go to CC because I knew it was the right fit for me. I’ve grown up on that campus and I’ve gotten to build relationships with a lot for the students and faculty over the years,” Klein explained. “I did not know that the school was getting a new quad but I think that’s awesome. I do think that makes the school more appealing and I think it will help build a more social atmosphere.”