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Day 141

Day 141

Bailey Stover August 5, 2020
During her 141st day of social distancing, recent RBHS graduate Bailey Stover visited the MU campus, got a new debit card and applied for a credit card.
RBHS counseling put up popular college t-shirts in the science wing. (Photo by Will Cover)

Affirmative action proves vital for diversity

The Rock and Bearing News Staff November 4, 2019
While opponents of affirmative action say it decreases equity because of higher standards put on some racial groups, it is imperative that colleges consider race in their admissions to ensure diversity. Race should, however, play a reduced role in acceptance, and instead be a way to understand an applicant in a holistic context.
Columbia College to build new quad on campus

Columbia College to build new quad on campus

Ji-Ho Lee February 19, 2016
Many RBHS students value a college's campus as they select their next school. Columbia College recently introduced a construction project to help create a better campus atmosphere.
Jeffersons statue, placed on the Francis Quad of the University of Missouri - Columbia, was intended to celebrate his many achievements. Recently, however, several students, both at Mizzou and RBHS, have voiced their complaints regarding the controversial and often untold portions of Jeffersons life.
Photo by Jae Rhee

Iconic statue of celebrated president kindles bold criticism

Rochita Ghosh November 1, 2015

Thomas Jefferson: third president of the United States, author of the Declaration of Independence, founding father. Slave owner, alleged rapist. Some of these labels are why some University of Missouri...

“I can understand it because we don’t really have a fair reason to leave but I think it is kind of dumb because there is nothing for you to do here sometimes and I just sit there for an entire hour and 30 minutes. I am sure that there are a lot of people who leave. If there is an AUT check, they just know before hand and have somebody else fill in for them. I haven’t done that.” Photo by Devesh Kumar

Sophomores banned from leaving school campus

Caylea Ray September 21, 2015

    What makes RBHS diverse from other high schools in Columbia is that RBHS has always been known for our motto: freedom with responsibility. For years, seniors and juniors have had the upper...

Banners hang from the columns on Francis Quadrangle. Photo by Asa Lory

Addition of on-campus Wal-Mart displeases community

George Sarafianos December 10, 2013

In the month of July, Wal-Mart announced it would be partnering with Columbia Realtor Travis Mcgee, owner of The Lofts at 308 9th St. to launch an on-campus Walmart at The University of Missouri- Columbia....

Senior Todd Hague works through a bread bowl at Panera during lunch on Friday. Photo by Elizabeth Upton

District survey puts option of open-campus lunch in jeopardy

Kaitlyn Marsh November 30, 2012

While RBHS has never experienced a problem with having open campus lunch shifts, parents raised a concern regarding the new influx of incoming freshman in 2013. Taking into account these new bodies will...

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