Flowers available for Valentine’s day


Elad Gov-Ari

Today is the final day  to pre-order floral arrangements from the CACC class, Floral Design; however, tomorrow the class will accept walk-in requests. Students can send the flowers to friends all day Thursday.
Horticulture director Sherie Rodekohr is proud and eager to get the sale started.
Untitled-2“We are going to have some tables set up in the commons to take orders from students anytime during the school day,”  Rodekohr said. “The money made goes straight back into our extracurricular funding account and will be used to fund future projects and other sales like this. We don’t really make a profit off these kinds of things, it’s really just to sustain the program.”
Students have worked all semester, learning to create designs, and are eager to show off their work throughout this Valentine’s day themed sale.
“When we first got the shipments of flowers, we had [to] re-cut the stems and place them in buckets of water with flower food so they perk up after being in boxes without a source of water,” Floral student Claudia Dunscombe said. “Then we kept them in the freezer so all the metabolic processes would slow down and they won’t die as quickly. For the thorns we had to strip the thorns off before using them in arrangements.
Enjoying the process, Dunscombe encourages others to take the class and hopes the sale is successful.
“[Floral design is] fun because it’s a very social class were we’re able to talk while we work,” she said. “Also, Mrs. Rodekohr walks around and helps us. She constantly reassures us that our work is good which is really nice because we’re always really hard on ourselves. I’m hoping the sale goes well and we sell most of our inventory.”