Orchestra to bring in holiday cheer with strings


Students in the Chamber orchestra pack up after running through their repertoire. For this concert, the Chamber orchestra plans to perform six pieces ranging from holiday classics, like the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky, to lesser known pieces, like the Holst’s Moorside Suite. Photo by Alice Yu

Alice Yu

Kicking off finals week, both Chamber and Concert Orchestra will hold a concert Monday, Dec. 14 at 7 p.m. in the PAC. Concert will be performing first with four pieces, starting with ‘Farandole’ by Georges Bizet and arranged by Merle J. Issac and ending with Ted Ricketts’ medley arrangement of “Wicked” songs by Stephen Schwartz. Chamber will follow up with a six-piece long repertoire with scores ranging from the classic ‘Nutcracker Suite’ by Pyotr Tchaikovsky to Camille Saint-Saens ‘Danse Bacchanale’ from ‘Samson et Delila’.
Chamber students received the opportunity to run through two pieces on their program, the ‘Nutcracker Suite’ and the ‘Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24’ as performed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, at KOMU’s annual holiday taping, held at Battle HS Dec. 10.
photos and recording by Alice Yu
What are some of your favorite instrumental holiday scores? Leave a comment below![vc_empty_space][vc_empty_space][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279047″ content_title=”Waiting to board the 8:45 bus to Battle Dec. 10, freshmen Sejoon Jun plays through some piano repertoire. Students started arriving in the band room around 8:15 and began to board the bus at 8:45. Photo by Alice Yu”][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279041″ content_title=”Senior Ethan Forte grabs a cummerbund and bow tie as he gets into performance attire. With an increase in students in the orchestra program this year, orchestra director Alison Schmidt had to put in a new order for additional suite jackets. Schmidt also order new performance dresses, but the shipment won’t make it in time for the orchestra concert Monday, Dec. 14. Photo by Alice Yu”][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279042″ content_title=”Utilizing the 20 min. bus ride from RBHS to Battle, senior Hannah Chen fits in some studying for AP Human Geography. For many students, the bus ride served as a time to talk with friends, but others turned to studying. Photo by Alice Yu”][vc_empty_space][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279043″ content_title=”After arriving at Battle, junior Helen Keithahn runs through excerpts of Chamber’s performance pieces. Upon reaching the band room at Battle, students unpacked, tuned and waited for their turn to take the stage. Photo by Alice Yu”][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279038″ content_title=”Senior Ethan Forte and juniors Betsy Schlimme, Lily Fisher and Helen Keithahn play through some personal repertoire while waiting for their turn to go on stage for the holiday taping. Students left RBHS at 8:45 to head over to Battle. Photo by Alice Yu”][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279044″ content_title=”Freshman Leo Zhuang, tunes after unpacking Dec. 10 at Battle HS. Out of the 31 musicians in Chamber orchestra, this year’s program only has three freshmen. Photo by Alice Yu”][vc_empty_space][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279045″ content_title=”Cleaning up after Chamber’s holiday taping performance Dec. 10, orchestra director Alison Schmidt, stacks the boxes holding cummerbunds and bow ties for the men. After their performance at Battle, the class took a lunch break at the fast food restaurants along East Nifong Boulevard. Photo by Alice Yu”][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279037″ content_title=”Juniors Andy Maguigad and Mollie Nevels wait for the bus back to RBHS after participating in KOMU’s annual holiday taping. Students in the Chamber orchestra spent the morning of Dec. 10 at Battle HS performing two songs for the taping. Photo by Alice Yu”][TS-VCSC-Lightbox-Image content_image=”279046″ content_title=”Freshmen Sejoon Jun and Leo Zhuang eat their lunch together after performing at Battle Dec. 10. The class stopped for 30 min at the McDonald’s on East Nifong Boulevard to buy and eat their lunch before heading back to RBHS on the bus. Photo by Alice Yu”]