Horticulture holds holiday floral sale


Elad Gov-Ari

This Monday, Horticulture instructor Sherie Rodekohr and her students plan to set up their annual Floral Arrangement Sale inside the red horticulture building. This student-led sale will include a variety of holiday arrangements such as wreaths, swags and candle centerpieces.
“In preparation for our annual holiday sale, students in green-house productions have been growing poinsettia plants all year, which are now ready for sale,” Rodekohr said. “The floral design students have been learning how to make fresh greenery centerpieces, artificial holiday centerpieces, decorating holiday wreaths, and constructing fresh wreaths, which will all be included in the sale.”
Rodekohr’s students have been working tirelessly on their arrangements and encourage all students to attend the sale.
“This has been a lot of a lot of work, but still a lot of fun,” junior and floral design student Sarah Standard said. “We’ve been working on our designs since before Thanksgiving  even started and we’ve just started doing the fresh wreaths stuff, because we obviously didn’t want the plants to die. We’ve been making the artificial design stuff even before Thanksgiving and it’s constant work everyday.  Some of us even are coming in after school, and on [Saturdays].”
Rodekohr reitterates the work put into the sale and explains its significance to the class.
“The proceeds from our sale all go back into the program. So the students throughout the whole year, especially in floral design, make lots of different designs which they get to take home.” Rodekohr said. “Naturally, it takes quite a bit of money to run the class so when we have this sort of sale like this it kind of pays the class back a little bit so we have more money to buy supplies and materials”
This sale will only be Dec. 14 and will run from 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.
“This sale would be a great place for students to come buy a present for parents or grandparents,” Rodekohr said. “Our prices are pretty reasonable and we do that because our main goal is not really to make a profit but to help our learning object.”
Will you be attending the RBHS horticulture sale this Monday?