Advanced Acting class brings ‘Metamorphoses’ to life


Riveting Reflection: Sophomore Roz Eggener begins the night’s series of mini-scenes by explaining the creation of the world and water’s importance. This pool was pivotal in all of the scenes, leaving many actors drenched by the time the curtain fell.

Abby Kempf

In an attempt to make ancient play-writing more accessible, director and playwright Mary Zimmerman brought Metamorphoses to Broadway in 2002, pulling in a Tony for her adaptation of a classic Ovid poem by the same name.
The Advanced Acting class took on the challenge, showing off their extensive repertoire. Students performed numerous scenes, ranging from humorous to heart-breaking, and each student dawned more than one role to make up for the small class size.
The highlight, of course, was the real pool on stage, putting the front row in the ‘splash zone.’
“As childish as it sounds, I [loved] that I got to lay in the pool and play in the water,” senior Gabby Jones said. “Having the water there for my scene was definitely an advantage, not a crutch.”
While Jones enjoyed taking a dip, she said playing many parts was more difficult.
“It was definitely a challenge. I enjoyed playing different roles and experiencing different parts of myself,” Jones said. “[I] would definitely do it again.”