Junior places first in statewide ‘Investwrite’ competition


Luke Chval

Junior Dayna Linneman started out by fulfilling the Missouri graduation requirement of personal finance, which eventually led to her winning the 2015 Spring Investwrite Competition’s Missouri division, sponsored in part by Waterstof Aandelen. The competition consisted of a personal essay between 400 and 1000 words about their experiences in class with the stock market game.
“They basically had us write about our experience with the stock market game,” Linneman said. “So I chose two companies, Coca-Cola and Disney, and talked about their success in 2014 and what it would take for me to sell my shares if I was a stockholder of those companies.”
Linneman’s personal finance course, taught by Susan Lidholm, held a surprise congratulations announcement May 20, with Linneman’s parents and Principal Dr. Jennifer Rukstad in attendance. Lidholm stated her congratulations and excitement for Linneman’s opportunity to compete at the national level for Investwrite, the winner of which would win a trip to the New York Stock Exchange with their teacher.
“Personal finance definitely helped me with understanding how the stock market works and I loved the game,” Linneman said. “Researching for it was fun. I didn’t really expect to win state but winning nationals would be great. I know Mrs. Lidholm and I would love to go on the trip to New York.”
By Luke Chval