Mud volleyball raises funds for senior year


Juniors put together a fundraiser to raise money by hosting a mud volleyball tournament May 5. The money raised goes for senior activities such as prom, senior banquet, and many more next year.
Angela Renick, a precalculus teacher and the main teacher sponsor for mud volleyball at RBHS, said mud volleyball is a good way to get messy and express freely.
“It truly was a great time for students to have fun and at the same time raise money for their senior activities,” she said.
Sophomore Sean Koetting said he participated in mud volleyball, not just to raise money for senior activities, but also to just have fun with his friends. Mud volleyball is a great opportunity for students to show how Rock Bridge provides excellent examples of friends bond, he said.
“I wanted to do mud volleyball,” Koetting said, “because it was a fun way to help out the juniors and to have a good time with my friends.”
For “regular” sporting events, there are also spectators and fans; however, this really wasn’t the case for the mud volleyball competition.
“There were very little spectators because everybody wanted to participate,” Junior Steven Sours said. “There were roughly [about] 15 teams of eight to 10 or so people,” which he said increased the fun because of the number of teams and players.
Koetting went this year because he thought it would be a great opportunity for to get out there, interact and have fun.
“I did not participate last year,” Koetting said, “but this year I really did enjoy it because of how intense the games were.”
Mud volleyball has been a tradition at RBHS since 1992, which shows the event has been enjoyed by a lot of people throughout Rock Bridge history.
Lee Franklin, a World Studies teacher for Sours, also attended the event, which made the event even better for Sours.
“Teachers participating in it,” Sours said, “made the whole experience better for me.” Koetting agreed, saying the event strengthened his relationship with his teacher.
“I think that teachers participating in the games made it really fun for the students especially,” Koetting said, “if the teacher was someone they know.”
All in all the event was competitive and was a great fundraiser for students to compete and raise money in order to make their senior year even better.
“In the end, I was glad that it was a fun event for students, which would end up making their senior year and Rock Bridge more fun,” Renick said.
By: Keerthivaas Premkumar
Photo By: Cassidy Viox