Greenhouse production students show off skills in plant sale


Luke Chval

HHS Senior Nicky Henley is in her second year of horticulture classes at the Columbia Area Career Center, which has become a passion for her.  For her the class is more about the experience of gardening rather than a traditional classroom, showing the unique practicality of the CACC.
“Well originally my sister had taken the class and recommended it to me,” Henley said. “But this is my second year and I choose to take it again because it has such a great atmosphere and the teacher is awesome.”
The recent Spring Plant Sale highlighted the accomplishments of the students in the Advanced Horticulture and Greenhouse Production classes. The sale was one of many that CACC classes hold, with several culinary sales occuring throughout the year.  Henley herself contributed to some of the plants in the sale.
“I helped grow or transplant most of the plants that are sold since I’m in the Advanced Horticulture class,” Henley said. “It’s a lot of fun, if anyone plans on having a garden they should definitely take it.”
By Luke Chval