Easy as (pi)e


Abby Kempf

Pi day is a math-themed holiday that Calculus Club could not ignore, even if it fell on a Saturday.

President senior Prarthana Patel said the organization of the activities was her main responsibility, and included a lot of chores.

“We had to find people to work the shifts at the booth. We also had to ask calc club members if they can bring food,” Patel said. “We had to buy pies for the pie eating contests. We had to print digits of pi for the pi walk.”

But the club’s hard work paid off with a large turnout during global village, despite the booth’s lack of a country.

“A lot more people were interested in our booth than I thought would be,” Patel said. “They were really enjoying the pi walk and the pie eating contest.”

Calculus club member junior Tess Lovig helped run the booth and also prepare for the events. She agreed with Patel, saying the pie eating contest was her favorite part.

“The pie eating contest was the most fun part of the day because watching kids try to stuff their face with pie is really funny,” Lovig said. “Usually they can’t.”

The pie eating contest ran three times throughout the day. During the last competition, freshman Jacob Ripley won by a land slide. He finished off his pumpkin pie before juniors Mariah Fitzpatrick and Clara Barton could really dig in.

“It felt good at the beginning then [I] got to the orange part and it was really thick. It was kind of hard to digest and [I] just had a bunch of food clogged in my system.”

By Abby Kempf

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From left to right: junior Kaitlyn Williams, junior Abby Kempf, freshman Demetrius Lea
Video by Caylea Erickson