‘The List’ exposes the mess America made

Ipsa Chaudhary

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We all know the war in Iraq is over. But is it really for the Iraqis? The documentary “The List shows the plight of the Iraqi allies of the U.S. and the List Project’s work to save them. The project focuses on rescuing Iraqi men and women who worked for the U.S. and are now on a hit list created by al-Qaeda. The makers of this film traveled to Iraq, along with other neighboring countries such as Syria, Jordan and Egypt, to follow a few of the people on the list.
The film brings to light the murder and torture the Iraqis face. It also focuses on the List Project that one man, Kirk Johnson, started to save these allies. Johnson becomes the modern day hero of not only the Iraqis, but also Americans as he tries to undo the damage the US has done.
“The List”, directed by Beth Murphy, does a good job of highlighting the struggles that the Iraqis face and the lack of support they have found in the U.S. It wasn’t until Johnson organized a group of lawyers to fight for the refugees that the U.S. government became involved.
The film followed a few of the Iraqi allies looking to Johnson for help. And although at times I found myself cringing at displays of innocent Iraqis being tortured and assassinated on screen, the sight of such pain and suffering sends a powerful message to the audience and portrays very well what is still happening in Iraq today.
While the nine-year-war will inevitably find itself in a textbook as complicated and indecisive, the conflict will continue on for years.
As of now, it takes anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years to process refugees and allow them admittance into the U.S. But the List Project is continuing to try to decrease the length of time it takes for refugees to enter the U.S.
All in all, the film did a fantastic job bringing up an issue unknown to many, highlighting how one man made such a great difference. Following the Iraqis throughout the film made me feel as if I were tied to them, and I was glad to find out at the end of the film that their journey took them to safety. And although I don’t think I’ll be making an impact so strong on anyone any time soon, “The List” is still an inspirational documentary that will make you ask yourself what you’re doing for your community and how you can help.
By Ipsa Chaudhary