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Feature photo by Saly Seye

Pacifying a battle zone

Saly Seye May 21, 2018

He sits at a booth draped in colorful anti-war posters, usually talking to curious students taken aback by his boldly pacifist stance. On his table lies a variety of cartoons highlighting the moral, financial...

Analytical Arrangements: Mars

Analytical Arrangements: “Mars”

Rochita Ghosh April 25, 2018
Read an analysis of Sleeping at Last's "Mars."
Poverty, economic inequality poses problem

Poverty, economic inequality poses problem

Jay Whang February 12, 2014

In 1964, after the death of John F. Kennedy, President Lyndon B. Johnson stood up on the capitol and declared war on poverty in the hopes of increasing the welfare state of Americans. According to the...

From Left: Aline, Kwizi, Claude, Freddy, Francine, and Nene Rwenyaguza together in their Columbia home. Photo by Urmila Kutikkad

Blood is thicker than water

Urmilla Kuttikad January 29, 2014

[heading size="16"]A family reunited after 11 years[/heading] Violence has ravaged weary Congo for decades. 5.4 million dead, another 2 million displaced, an estimated ongoing 45,000 deaths per month...

The Honor Flight Logo, taken from the organisations official website. Used under the Fair Use Doctrine.

Honor Flight fundraising competition hopes to instill values in students

Ashleigh Atasoy November 18, 2013

The Second Annual Honor Flight Fundraising competition has been going for a week now in Columbia Public Schools. Competing against the Jefferson City Public School district, RBHS aims to  to raise the...

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‘Which Way is the Front Line From Here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington’ documents photojournalist, need for survival training

Blake Becker April 19, 2013

A film from the True/False Film Festival is showing on HBO. [tabgroup][tab title="Film Overview"] [heading style="1"]"Which Way is the Front Line From Here?" The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington[/heading] Which...

The flag waves at half staff. Photo by Jacqueline LeBlanc

Boston suspect chase sparks reaction from students

Maria Kalaitzandonakes April 19, 2013
One RBHS student's parents were participating in the marathon
Image used under fair use doctrine

‘Dirty Wars’ presents chilling perspective to U.S. war on terror

Blake Becker March 3, 2013

Dirty Wars, directed by Richard Rowley, follows the intricate story of war journalist Jeremy Scahill through his investigation into an unnecessary U.S. military raid on an innocent civilian household...

Pearl Harbor Infographic

Students remember Pearl Harbor

Raj Satpathy December 8, 2012

On Dec. 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked the many islands across the Pacific Ocean, one of which was Hawaii, the home of a U.S. naval base. For those who would like to learn more about Pearl Harbor,...

Four Years from Today

Four Years from Today

John Gillis November 16, 2012
The debates leading up to the presidential election were heated, to say the least. Now that President Barack Obama has won, that hot air is not just going to float away. To let off some steam, residents of at least 20 different states, including Missouri, have signed petitions to secede from the United States because President Obama was reelected. Rock Bridge senior Adam Schoelz thinks such petitions will neither help to resolve the divide in between the Republican and Democrat parties or the broader split ripping across the United States.. He said the notion of secession is preposterous.
Media violence aims to fight real-world aggression

Media violence aims to fight real-world aggression

Jake Alden October 29, 2012

Widely regarded as some of the most graphic and brutally violent moments in cinematic history, the first 27 minutes of Steven Spielberg’s academy-award winning war epic “Saving Private Ryan” depict...

‘The List’ exposes the mess America made

Ipsa Chaudhary October 20, 2012

We all know the war in Iraq is over. But is it really for the Iraqis? The documentary "The List" shows the plight of the Iraqi allies of the U.S. and the List Project’s work to save them. The project...

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