‘About Love’ features shorts to laugh along with at home

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj

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It’s Thursday afternoon, and it seems like it’s been a month or so since Saturday night when I saw a collection of shorts at the Citizen Jane Film Fesitval under the title ‘About Love.’
Reminiscing on the seven-short-conglomerate, I pondered, during my otherwise stressful night, two of the funnier short films.
The first covered love as a musical (focusing on a couple with severely differing — and severely amusing — opinions of their future together), and my second selection depicted love as a child (focusing on two young best friends with exactly the same opinion on their future).
Anna Mastro’s Bench Seat is a musical version of an awkward break up, where the girlfriend envisions pastel weddings and the boyfriend envisions women in darkly lit bars. Starring Kyle Riabko and Make It or Break It’s Cassie Scerbo, the work elicited chuckles for most of its 15 minute length.
Laughter from all around the auditorium also decorated Kat Candler’s Love Bug, but for a different reason. Nostalgic of a younger, simpler age, the film shows a nine-year-old’s crush on his best friend and the process of building his courage up to ask her to the school dance.
But enough words. Go see them for yourself:
Anna Mastro’s Bench Seat
Kat Candler’s Love Bug
By Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj