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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

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The Student News Site of Rock Bridge High School

Bearing News

Pictures capture final assembly; retired faculty returns

Daphne Yu May 3, 2013

The Flashback assembly featured the tunes of the jazz ensemble, performances by acting classes and an array of speakers and award winners. This year’s assembly also reunited many former administrators...

Junior Keegan McGonagle dodges defenders on the offensive side of the field. Photo by Asa Lory

Hockey star finds supplement in lacrosse

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj April 21, 2013

As other four-year-olds lumbered around on their preschool playgrounds, junior Keegan McGonagle was skating on ice. His father said at age six, Keegan was skating with a purpose, getting started on his...

The national sequester could result in education funding cuts. These would most directly affect the Title I preschool and special education programs. Photo by Maddy Jones

Sequester threatens Title I, special ed

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj April 18, 2013

For months, automatic across-the-board cuts were a looming threat, but now they are reality. Congress must come up with a new budget to reduce the impact of sequestration, which started March 1, 2013. This...

feature photo by Paige Kiehl

New experience in writing offers insights of storytelling

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj April 6, 2013

On day six, in the middle of an interview, I watched a tear slip out of my teacher’s eye, rolling off his face before he could reach to wipe it away, before he really knew to do so because of his skin’s...

Pianist balances musicality with academics

Pianist balances musicality with academics

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj March 9, 2013

Junior Esther Liu has a lot to boast about — her memory, which produced the first 100 digits of pi last year at the EEE Pi Day contest; her course load, which included Calculus III at the University...

The Act of Killing reflects haunting power of documentaries

‘The Act of Killing’ reflects haunting power of documentaries

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj March 3, 2013

The Act of Killing, as its title suggests, is an intense film. It’s powerful, thought-provoking, thought-consuming, even disturbing. You need a period of time to recover from it afterwards. In the start,...

Stories We Tell finds truth in overlapping tales

‘Stories We Tell’ finds truth in overlapping tales

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj March 2, 2013

Feature films are, if nothing else, purposeful. Unnecessary scenes are edited out, plopped on an extras disc and sold in special editions of the DVD release. Superfluous details don’t make the cut,...

Photo by Daphne Yu

‘The Crash Reel’ inspires, frustrates

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj March 1, 2013

Do you love what you’re good at, or are you good at what you love? Kevin Pearce didn’t need to worry about that debate because with snowboarding, he had both. Favored to go to the 2010 Winter Olympics,...

Kiss and make up (lesson plans, that is)

Kiss and make up (lesson plans, that is)

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj February 13, 2013

Most days, one can find the McSparins and Grahams together in the Advanced Placement Biology room after school, discussing weekend plans, course objectives, shared students and stories about the Graham...

art by Paige Martin

Get lost: traveler finds the real destination

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj February 8, 2013

In Mongolia’s countryside, dirt roads wind together and apart, splitting for two meters or 200, destined for waterless deserts or livestock-filled lake sides, limitless and unending. Mongolian nomads...

A long journey home

A long journey home

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj February 7, 2013

On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Gregory Kirchhofer, chemistry teacher, headed for home after two weeks in Tennessee. The trip back took longer than expected but has given him stronger insight on what’s important...

Standardized test score reports unfair

Standardized test score reports unfair

Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj January 6, 2013

According to, the College Board's "membership of educators" created the SAT in 1926 to "democratize access to college for all students." Each academic year, nearly three million students...

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