MAC Scholars take retreat

Emily Unterschutz

Assistant MAC Scholars coordinator Arnuflo Peat
Assistant MAC Scholars coordinator Arnuflo Peat
Last Thursday MAC Scholars hosted a retreat for all Columbia high school students of color who are enrolled in an AP course for the first time.
The retreat took place at the Aslin Building, where the students learned about AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) and ways to keep up-to-speed on honors and AP courses.
“We purposely bring the students away from their school environment,” MAC Scholars coordinator Annelle Whitt said. “We want this to feel like a real retreat. We want to give students a real life business experience, as well as enhance their AP skill set.”
According to a survey students took after the trip, the overall rating they gave it was a 5– the highest score the survey offered.
RBHS junior and MAC Scholar Tatianna Todd said she learned a variety of new things at the Aslin building.
“We talked about time management, helping times for AP and honors classes, and Cornell notes,” she said. “[My favorite part was] learning about how to keep your school stuff organized.”
Todd believes the information she obtained during the retreat will help her with her AP Psychology class.
“They discovered their personal work style,” assistant MAC Scholars coordinator Arnuflo Peat said. “It was very successful… [the students] enjoyed it. They had a great time.”
By Emily Unterschutz