Tech specialists work here today to optimize CPS wireless network


Harsh Singh

There were more than 20 technology specialists in the RBHS media center today hoping to fix an ongoing problem with the CPS wireless network.  RBHS media specialist Dennis Murphy said this had to take place because students and teachers were having trouble logging in due to a networking error with the school WiFi.
“We had a representative from HP here and we have HP access points, so they came in and help to troubleshoot the problem and we had all the network people from the district here and so they opened up 60 laptops so that they could see what was happening  and hope to make some changes,” Murphy said. “ Our goal is to have 100% productivity with network again.”
In the past, there have been some instances where someone cannot log in because there is no connection. Tech specialist Jeremy Young said that’s what the people working in the medical center were hoping to prevent from happening.
“We have come up with different solutions and will try and apply those to our situation and time will tell whether the problem will get fixed,” Young said.  In the past we have seen certain instances where someone can’t log on due to a networking error. We are hoping that at some point we see a lot less of these issues.”
By Harsh Singh