Parking spots in north and south lots to be rearranged


Even though students complain about the parking lots being over-sold, over a hundred spots sit empty everyday. Photo by Maribeth Eiken

Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi

Today six signposts were placed in the parking lot in front of the South entrance doors.
“Ultimately, a lot of it is to make visitor parking,” Assistant Principal Brian Gaub said. “The motivation is the preschool. We are trying to make a safe spot for parents to drop off their little preschoolers.”
Even though this change will take away six parking spots from RBHS students,  Darryl Heaton, parking attendant, said this should not be a huge problem.
“At any given time, there are over 120 open spots north of the ball field,” Heaton said. “ Yes you have to walk, but say you work at the University of Missouri, you will have to walk a ways to get to work, or say you really want to go to your favorite concert, you will have to walk a ways, but nobody, when they come to school, wants to walk.”
Many spots will be rearranged in order to help parents of preschoolers drop off their children in a safe place. According to Gaub, the two “For the Love of the Game” parking spots, which are auctioned off each year, will probably be rearranged. These new parking spots will also give custodial supervisors one or more parking spots.
“We also have the boiler next to the place where the admin people park being replaced,” Gaub said. “It is going to be a mixture of parking spots.”
Heaton said only about 690 parking spots have been sold of the 900 available, so there is plenty of parking left with these six being taken away.
“There is plenty of parking, but it just might not be right up close where everybody wants it,” Heaton said. “It is first come first serve and the early bird gets the worm. Once we get [these six spots] done, it will pretty much be done.”
However, even with the extra 120 parking spots in the back of the north lot, taking away these parking spots will still be an annoyance to many RBHS students, because, just as Heaton said, nobody wants to walk a long distance when they park at school.
“I am not too upset about it as I park in the north lot, but it will force six cars up to the north lot, which is unfortunate,” senior Andrew Kammerich said. “It seems unnecessary though, as the visitor parking spots near the circle drive are rarely full.”
In the end Heaton said after these rearrangements in the parking lots, there will not be any more changes in them for the rest of the school year.
By Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi