Technology at RBHS to go through multiple changes during summer


Harsh Singh

These copiers in the media center will be replaced by the new ones coming in mid-July. Photo by Madi Mertz
Starting from June 20, Columbia Public Schools will be going through a summer project comprising many changes in technology. These changes will help bring on a  more efficient workplace for the teachers and students at schools according to the RBHS technology specialist Dennis Murphy.
Some of these changes from the summer project will be things like new Konica Minolta copiers, different domain names and new online sites for all schools. Murphy said these changes will be run by the Technology Services department at CPS.
“I think these things coming in will bring in more opportunities for students and teachers,” Murphy said. “For example, the newly made sites will have new things that will make it easier on the teachers to use e-school or for the students to use home access.”
Another change will be that all teachers will start to use Blackboard instead of Angel. AP US Studies teacher Gretchen Cleppe already started using Blackboard for some of her classes and said it was much easier to use compared to Angel.
“I liked it a lot because I think Blackboard will allow me to communicate with my students more easily,” Cleppe said. “With Angel, I almost had to force my students to use it because they found it so invaluable.”
Along with Blackboard, the long domain text which is will be replaced by The new domain name will apply to both teacher and student email addresses and can be used beginning Aug. 1.
Junior James Morgret said he likes the change because it will be more efficient to email others.

“Even though it may seem like a really small thing, I kinda hated typing out the really long address,” Morgret said. “I actually used the school email quite often this year, so I am glad the new domain name is short and sweet.”
While many of these changes may seem trivial at first, Murphy said the staff will start to realize its worth once the school year gets going again.
“Everyone is just ready to leave now, so one is really paying attention to these upcoming changes,” Murphy said. “However, once they all come back after the summer, they will be happy to see the news things ready to use.”
By Harsh Singh