Jays takes win at RBHS


Ross Parks

The team played a hard 13 innings at home on Monday, keeping fans out a bit later to see the end. Photo by Ross Parks

Last night the Bruin boys baseball team took on the Jefferson City Jays at home. Playing it out for 13 innings the team was at the losing end of the extra inning game.

“The game went well, we competed for the most part and played a hard 13 innings,” senior Kyle Teeter said, “ although I wish the outcome would have been different, plate approaches and a competitive attitude were a big positive for us and will carry over into today.”
As the team readies for their next game at Hickman, the team has learned a lesson from last nights loss, that they need to keep their heads up.
“We learned that we need to play seven full innings and not take any innings off, if we’re feeling tired we need to push through and overcome it,” senior Ryan Bernskoetter said. “We need to take the same approach as we took last night but instead we need to focus up more in all three aspects of the games, hitting, pitching and fielding.
Still, while the team does suffer a loss for the record books, they look forward to making it working their favor. After all the game was not without suspense.
“The final score was 10-7 in 13 innings,” Teter said, “and when you have a 13 inning game the outcome is always surprising.”
By Ross Parks
[vsw id=”95444073″ source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”460″ autoplay=”no”] video by Eric Glennon