Baseball plans for out-of-state travel


Sophomore Braeden Morris races to first base while sophomore Tucker Frost runs to make a catch Thursday, March 14. The team has a tournament, Best of the West, today at Barlett, Ten. Photo by Camryn Devore

George Frey

Baseball season is in full swing for the Bruins, with games scheduled in Tennessee, Arkansas and as far south as Florida. The team will also hopefully participate in the National Classic Tournament outside of Tampa.
For Head Coach Justin Towe, the new season presents challenges as well as opportunities for his team to showcase their skills to some of the best high school baseball programs in the country.
First, however, the Bruins must achieve their primary goal: winning the district championship.
“To have the success that we want to have this year, we have to be a mature team. In other words, we need to know when to focus and get our work done and when we can have fun with it,” Towe said. “We have one goal every year, and it hasn’t changed since 2007, since I became the head coach: to win the district championship. We talk about goals, and we talked about dreams. Our goal is to win the district championship, our dream is to win the state championship, but you can’t dream unless you reach that goal.”
In terms of goals, the Bruins have some competition ahead when it comes to reaching their goal and eventually pursuing their dreams. Junior Sean Hamilton has played baseball since he was five years old. Currently, Hamilton believes in his teammates, as they are great hitters and a cohesive group. Since they all have the same end goals and dreams, they know what’s ahead.
“I’d say the general gist of what we are trying to achieve this year is that we’re trying to get back to where we used to be and compete for a state championship since we have been in a drought the past few years,” Hamilton said. “I think we’ll have a decent season, and I’m excited to play big games, such as Battle and Hickman.”
With a new season bringing new challenges, freshman players such as Carson Dinwiddie are looking forward to the opportunities that come with participating and representing Bruins’ baseball. Since Dinwiddie was eight years old, he has participated in the sport, and, despite the challenges that lay ahead this season, Dinwiddie hopes the season will be one that makes history in the first year of his high school baseball career.
“I have played baseball for eight years. My grandparents, and my parents always wanted me to play baseball,” Dinwiddie said. “I’m just happy to go up and get that good record and do the best I can for my team. I am most excited to play Hickman and Jefferson City, given that they are our rivals.”
In the end, however, what matters most to the Bruins and Towe is that the team is able to form a close-knit community in which they can bond and create lasting friendships. And while winning games can be satisfying, there is something to be said about finishing off the season with new confidants and tight bonds among the Bruins.
“What makes us unique is that we [as coaches] are around our players a lot, not just during the spring season, whether it be during the fall, winter or summer workouts,” Towe said. “We have created a family atmosphere and do a really good job of getting to know our kids and taking an interest in their lives.”