Bruin block reaches the goal


Breana Williamson

[dropcap style=”flat” size=”3″]B[/dropcap]ruin Blocks raised $850 the week of May 5. The Bruin Block that started it was a freshman class with the teachers Teresa Norton an Algebra teacher and Deborah Tucker a U.S. Studies and a AP Literature teacher.

They decided to start a fundraiser for the 2017 senior class, which are the current freshman for their senior activities including prom, the senior picnic and much more.

“Well, it started with the petition to ban bruin block, but they weren’t going to ban it and freshman didn’t have a fundraiser so we thought to have one and then make it so as a “prize” all bruin blocks could have an hour lunch,” Says freshman Patrick Burnam one of the students in the bruin block that started it. Burnam says “most people were saying that we weren’t going to reach the goal, but when we did we were all excited,”

If all Bruin Blocks collected at the least $750 by that Thursday all Bruin blocks were allowed an hour lunch. When they first started if every single person brought at least one dollar they would reach their goal of $750.

“I donated five dollars,” Alexis Davis “I honestly I believed that we were going to reach the goal.”

A one dollar bill that represents all money that was donated.

  When the fundraiser started if every person brought at least one dollar they would reach the goal. On Monday they collected at least $100 which brought them 13 percent of the way there. On Tuesday they gained about another 200 dollars which brought them to about $300 by then they needed to gain at the least $450 in two days.

By that Wednesday they collected another 200 dollars, Which brought them to approximately $500 that brings them really super close to their goal. Then it happened Thursday, May 8 2014 after finishing counting all the money collected they reached their goal of $750 plus more than that.

  The money that was extra went toward the Jeff Tyler Foundation. Friday, May 9 Bruin blocks didn’t have to go to Bruin Block at all. Most went out to eat with their friends who they either rarely get to see during lunch or went with older siblings.

“I went to Chicks barbecue and still had time to get back for class,” freshman Mackenzie Manson said. “It would be nice having an hour lunch every so often.”

Manson, as well as many others, left for their lunch from Jimmy Johns all the way to Buffalo Wild Wings and further even. Others just stayed at school with their friend, walked around and talked or did homework, and work that need to be done. The majority of people enjoyed the free time and wanting to do it more often.

“I feel like it would give us more time to take a break from work and have an hour to just to recuperate from a stressful day,” freshman Maddy Falcone said. “But it also gets really boring as well if you have nothing to do.”

By: Breana Williamson