Students struggle to fill graduation orders


Ross Parks

The list of students without orders filled posted during the senior assembly this past Thursday.
Photo by Ross Parks

At the beginning of the year, the entire senior class was called to meet, order from and make payments for their graduation essentials and all Rock Bridge apparel they desire. Now, as the year begins its end, some soon to be graduates find themselves behind schedule.

“I have ordered both a cap and gown from [Jostens],” senior Jazzmine Matthews said, “but I have not yet paid for them, because I’ve honestly had other priorities like classes.”
While Jostens gave students a high variety of options and adornments for graduation, the basic package  comes to around 20 dollars. Nevertheless, with the hassles of daily life, many like Matthews have found themselves forgetful in their dues.
“No I haven’t paid, I didn’t make it to any of the sign up days, and if I did it would have been the last one.” senior Carly Rohrer said,  “I told my dad and he said we can just pay it later, so I guess we’ll just do that.”
Though late orders are accepted, students should beware waiting too long though, as a ten dollar fee will be added to any orders when paid for late. However, some students are simply avoiding fees all together for their graduation essentials.
“I’m borrowing from a friend actually.” senior Maddi Allen-Hanson said, ““You only get your graduation cap and gown for one day. Then it just sits in your closet.” Allen-Hanson has chose to borrow a gown instead.
“I know I have to pay it before graduation,” Matthews said, “but graduation hasn’t been a thought until I completed my courses, and worrying about college expenses and where and how I will live, has been more important than graduation, which I know will happen unlike the other things.”
Nevertheless, students must get their things in order, as graduation sits now a little over a month away, and still some feel it unfair that some may be left without an option.
“I don’t think that’s really fair, shouldn’t there be some for free for people?”  Rohrer said “because we’re the ones that graduated and the school should have stuff to reuse.”
By Ross Parks
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