Student Council prepares for elections


Ross Parks

Though people may be settled into a routine as the final months of school draw near, change is in the works for next year. Petitions for Student Council officers for the 2014-2015 school year were turned in this week. The election process is more than filling out a sheet, however.

“You have to fill out a form with a certain number of both faculty and student signatures in support of their running for the specified position,”  senior and Student Council treasurer Sophi Farid said.

After that, the applicants will be interviewed about their leadership experience, why they chose to run, and what they hope to do in the position, Farid said.

Next, the students running will declare themselves during the spring assembly Friday. After this official declaration of their intent, voting begins for freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

“Student council plays an important role in continuing the traditions and culture of Rock Bridge High School. It does a lot to plan pretty huge activities,” activities director David Bones said. “It’s an amazing way to give back to Rock Bridge and to help shape the vibe, energy and excitement in the building. I will also say that it is a ton of work, so be prepared.”

The following week students will run for Student Council representative. After elections, the work for the new officers has just begun as the responsibility they inherit only increases.

“Well I am running for president because I really like Rock Bridge and I want everyone to have a great experience,” junior and presidential hopeful Betsy Poehlman said.

Still, while some are eager to get in the running students are offered some words of caution before they apply.

“I would advise that people choose their position wisely,” Farid said, “Don’t run for an officer position because it looks good on a college application or because you think it’s a popularity contest that ultimately means assuming a named position with no real work involved.”

By Ross Parks