Semper Fi, for Pi


Ross Parks

These pies await the winner of the Pi-walk that took place in the Atrium.Photo by Ross Parks

As usual, on March 14, Pie day hit the calendar with a bit of flavor at RBHS. Today, students were given the chance to participate in a raffle, pie walk, and recitation competition all in the name of Pi. The raffle, each ticket that costs one dollar, enters the student a chance to win the opportunity of mashing a whipped pie in the face of the math teacher of their choice this Friday after school.

“The last one we did was two years ago, it was a smaller event that we did in the EEE room after school where we did Pi recitation and pie bake off, ” said Samantha Ding, “this years during lunch there’s pie walk and a pie in the face raffle ticket drawing.”

Students were invited to take part for a chance to win a free pie of their choice during both a and b lunch, and to bring their own pies for  judgement in the pie bake off. Additionally, Pi themed T-shirts are still available for for a sale of 10 dollars as well, to place an order students can contact Mr. McCray or Ms. Weaver.

“We have a really organized Calc club this year, and we partnered with EEE because we thought that it would be a fun end of the year event,” Ding said, “After we get all of our money we are going to use it to buy math games for the classroom and play them with the kids at the Center of Responsive Education.”

The recitation, and mashing of whipped pie will held after school on Friday, and signals the end to the festivities to a number, that continues on forever. Overall, with yet another year of celebrations, the school’s celebration of pi-day proves that RBHS will always be semper fi, to pi.