Bruin Block Olympics pump up Courtwarming spirit


Emily Franke

Courtwarming 2014: RBTV

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, and Thursday, Feb. 20 leading up to the Courtwarming game and dance, Bruin Blocks competed in another round of competitions for this year’s Bruin Block Olympics. Team Reed’s freshmen and Team Kersha’s sophomores emerged victorious, student council president senior Jack Schimpf said.

This series of trivia posed questions related to the Courtwarming theme, “RBTV”. Freshman Kylie Renwick played in Thursday’s game and correctly answered one question.

“Basically, we got volunteers based on our counselors and we answered trivia questions, like what is the Webster dictionary word of the [year],” Renwick said. “Then they played a song and we had to guess the song.”

For Renwick, participating made the event more fun than if she had only watched. Similarly, sophomore Grant Sykuta, who competed on Tuesday, said the events might be more interesting if they involved with all of the students and kept everyone engaged.

However, Schimpf said the reason for Bruin Block Olympics goes beyond just getting students out of class for a day.

“The purpose of Bruin Block Olympics is to not only just get people out of the classroom for a day and in with their grade, but to get some kids out of their comfort zone and do something they wouldn’t normally do, like talking in front of their entire grade,” Schimpf said. “There’s a few more twists to Bruin Block Olympics, but those are a surprise.”
By Emily Franke