What to do between films


Movie-goers line up outside the True/False box office just hours after it opened Feb. 28. The documentary film festival will run through the weekend. Photo by Maria Kalaitzandonakes

Trisha Chaudhary

Have free time between films? Here are some things you can do to fill the space.
1. Grab a warm coffee (or hot chocolate if that suits your fancy): Even though spring is only 35 days away, chances are winter’s sharp sting is still in the air. If you’ve been outside all day waiting in the Q or walking between venues, more than likely your nose will be running and your fingers will be numb. Luckily, there are plenty of splendid, cozy coffee shops lining the streets of downtown Columbia.
If you’re new to the downtown scene, check out Kaldis (29 S Ninth St), Lakota (24 S Ninth St) or Coffee Zone (11 N Ninth St). Depending on your venue, they’re no more than a few minutes walk away and can offer up a warm and inviting place to rest your feet and revitalize yourself for the next film.
2. Do a little window shopping … or real shopping: Downtown Columbia has a slew of great boutiques and stores. You could easily fill up a few hours just meandering around in the stores on Broadway and Ninth street alone. Boots, winter coats, sparkly dresses, incense, early Christmas presents and anything else you could possibly think of, you can find in downtown Columbia. Even if you’re not interested in spending a lot of money, window shopping is always an option, and most likely, you’ll find a great end-of-winter sale. Britches (130 S Ninth St) is a favorite of mine. I can find a pair of the most comfortable fleece-lined leggings (which were for seven dollars last time I went) and also find my dress, shoes, and jewelry for courtwarming all in one trip and keep my bill under $100. Envy (814 E. Broadway) is another great women’s clothing store where the service is great and though the prices can be high, some of my favorite pieces of clothing are from there – all of which I’ve purchased off of the sale rack.
3. Fro-Yo: Who cares if you’re not really that hungry. Or if it’s still cold out. Let’s be honest, frozen yogurt is best in the cold. If you’re a sorbet kind of person or if you just prefer straight up chocolate, Yogo Luv and Red Mango can fulfill all of your fantasies. Not to mention the endless candy and fruit toppings. My personal favorite: the cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt topped with berries and graham cracker crumbs, and if you’re really adventurous, cookie dough pieces. It tastes like a slice of raspberry cheesecake in a cup.
4. Chill in Peace Park: If you’ve never just hung out in Peace Park, then you’re missing out. And if you have, then you can back me up when I say that it’s a great place to just go and hang out. Hopefully a little spring will have thawed out by time T/F rolls around. I mean who doesn’t love the sound of trickling water passing by? Bring a blanket or chairs to sit on the grass or try and claim one of the benches before someone else does.
5. Explore the art galleries: Columbia is a great supporter of all of its artists. Explore Columbia Art League or PS Gallery for a deeper look into the great talent that Columbia harbors. Some exhibitions may have a specific theme while others do not, but both galleries host all different genres and mediums of art work. T/F weekend starts the Thursday after the opening reception of CAL’s ‘Appetite’ exhibit, which centers on – you guessed it – food. CAL invites artists to explore the question ‘What do we have an appetite for?’ Take some time out and go expand your artistic horizons and maybe you’ll even see some RBHS artists featured in CAL’s gallery!
6. Get artsy; go to the Mud Room: If you’re looking for some time to digest a movie, and want to keep your mind open but your hands busy, head over to the Mud Room. Choose any ceramic object, ranging from owls to dolls to mugs, and paint it. This is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and even if you’re a horrific painter, no worries – no one will ever have to see that bear again! (Oh it was a dog…?) I could easily waste away hours at the Mud Room perfecting my chevron-striped mug and it’s a great way to keep kids – or even parents – entertained.
7. Get involved on campus: The University of Missouri – Columbia has a beautiful campus, which is something that is easy to forget if you live around here. If you’re looking for a mellow activity, visit Memorial Union or spend some time hanging around the Columns. They serve as a great perch or photo op and if you’ve never taken a picture in front of Jesse Auditorium, your moment has come. The campus is always brimming with things to do. Support the Tigers on March 1 by attending the MU’s men’s basketball game against Mississippi State at Mizzou Arena at 12:30. Or spend some time at the MU Bookstore. It carries all types of Mizzou apparel from sweatshirt to tank tops even to sparkly black or gold pumps.
By Trisha Chaudhary