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art by Maddy Mueller

Emily Franke

art by Maddy Mueller
art by Maddy Mueller

Social media: a phenomenon aimed to connect viewers across the world. Roughly two-thirds of social media users say they do so to connect with family and friends worldwide, according to the Pew Research Center.

In fact, 40 percent of United States adults prefer to socialize online rather than face-to-face, according to a poll that Performics, a global performance marketing agency, conducted. These second screen interactions allow users to hide behind any facade they want.

According to Facebook, five to six percent of registered Facebook users have fake accounts. Social media gives people a platform to turn into whoever they want.

At the same time, educators are implementing these technologies more and more. A Pew survey concluded that digital technologies have become central to teaching and professionalizing of American middle and secondary school teachers.

RBHS gave any student taking an Advanced Placement course an iPad this year in hopes that it would enhance students’ learning. The growth of technology is one that reaches all avenues of society, from a person’s personality to their education.

By Trisha Chaudhary
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