Show Choir from the wings


Mikaela Acton

During a  Show Choir performance the viewpoint of audience member is dazzling, but when the chance to see the action from backstage is given the greatness of  show grows immensely. I  was lucky enough to get that chance during a City Lights dress rehearsal last Wednesday as they prepared for their season premiere on Thursday.  Watching a show from the wings is a greatly different experience then if one were to watch it straightforward, the emotions and energy of  the performers radiate onto those around  to the point where even a bystander is excited about what is going on.
Photos by Mikaela Acton

Brady Butcher and Casie Levy do a partner dance in the City Lights Show.
From the wings one can truly experience the full effect that stage lighting has on a performance.
Sam Gurnsey poses to highlight soloist, Maribeth Eiken.
A new point of view helps to see things in a new light.