A sprinkle of color


Mikaela Acton

During the crazy Columbia winter break 2.0, I abandoned the warmth of the indoors and ventured out into the cold abyss onto my snow-covered back porch. There, I saw a landscape covered in white; even the sky seemed to mirror the absence of color below it.
After having to look at nothing but snow for days I found myself wishing for the warm and sunny spring days that are hopefully soon to come. But even more, I wished for the bright colors that the season brings with it: greens, blues, reds, yellows and all of the colors in between.
So, in desperation, and with help from a certain baking ingredient, I attempted to add the rainbow of colors that I so dearly missed from spring into the snow that has settled just about everywhere.

Out I traveled into the cold. After being cooped up inside, even an adventure to the back porch was worth the effort.
Finally, I figured out a solution to the lack of color in winter. Sprinkles are an easy and cheap way to bring color to a winter wonderland.
A quick sprinkle of color to my footprints.


In conclusion, a fun and silly way to fight off the winter blues. And all it takes is a jar of rainbow sprinkles.
By Mikaela Acton