Student View: Was JFK’s assassination a conspiracy?

Student View: Was JFKs assassination a conspiracy?

Ashleigh Atasoy

Today marks the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Shot and killed by two bullets fired by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, JFK died a few short hours later. Soon after of his death, Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States, but it took America a long time to forget the Kennedy’s. In wake of his assassination, Oswald was charged as the sole perpetrator of the crime, but other theories remained. For the last five decades, Americans have continued to explore the possibilities surrounding Nov. 22, 1963. With films, books and news articles, conspiracy theorists have examined the events of that Friday with fervor, dedicated to the purpose of finding who exactly was behind the mayhem and blaming everyone from different government branches to the mob. Consequently, according to NBC News, four in every five Americans believe conspiracy theories surround the assassination of JFK.
[heading]BearingNews asked students: Do you think conspiracies lie within JFK’s Assassination?[/heading]

“I do think it was a conspiracy because I know that Kennedy, right before he died he had said that he was going to release a bunch of secret, classified stuff about the CIA and all the organizations that they have and all the agencies, and they didn’t want that, they didn’t want him to do that, and I know there was the classified operation in Vietnam that they were going to take out Kennedy there they were trying to take out Kennedy there but they couldn’t do it because they had interference or something and so they did it later and thats the assassination.” —Sophomore Noah Adam
“I think it’s kind of ignorant to think that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and planned the entire thing himself, but on the other hand, I think it’s ridiculous that [people] think the government’s involved because why would they want their president killed?” —Senior Piper Stretz
Lee Harvey Oswald “couldn’t have done that [alone] because he only had this certain type of gun, he had a 22 long rifle but the shots were fired too fast so it would be reasonable that he either had another gun or that there was actually somebody else, because there were two different caliber bullets, so he either had a handgun or there was somebody else with a gun.” —Senior Scott McAfee
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By Ashleigh Atasoy
Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of JFK? Do you think other groups were involved in the murder?