Celebrate My Drive motivates, excites


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As of 2:17 this afternoon, RBHS is ranked No. 15 on the large schools’ leaderboard for the Celebrate My Drive high school competition hosted by State Farm Insurance Co.
The competition is meant to promote safe driving habits for both high-school students and their family members. High schools across the nation have registered, including Rock Bridge, Hickman and Battle High Schools in Columbia, Mo.
Each school is placed in one of two categories for the competition– either large schools (750 or more students) or small schools (fewer than 750 students). The prizes include a $100,000 grant for the top five schools in each category, as well as a private concert from country-pop star and poster child for the competition, Kelly Clarkson.
David Bones, assistant principal of activities at RBHS, said he’s not quite sure what the grant money would be used for if Rock Bridge were to win.
“We’re probably going to gather teachers, administrators and parents,” Bones said, “and together decide what to do with the money.”
Students as well as teachers have been working to publicize the competition and raise Rock Bridge’s ranking. RBHS student council treasurer and homecoming queen nominee, senior Sophi Farid, says getting people to vote is all about student motivation and high school dynamics.
“We know that people want to do what other people are doing,” Farid said. “If we can make [going online to vote] the cool thing to do, then more people will want to do it.”
School spirit is already bursting throughout RBHS with the homecoming game and dance happening this Friday. The competitive atmosphere that’s already part of this week’s events have driven even more people to vote and brought out the best in Bruin pride.
“I think enthusiasm is really high,” Weaver said. “I think the fact that it aligns with our homecoming where enthusiasm just sort of, in general, is really high might help us out.”
Farid is using her homecoming court nomination to the whole school’s advantage. “People see the queen’s doing it and being involved in it,” Farid said, “and then they want to do it, too.”
All students need to do to vote is follow the link on BearingNews.org, enter their email and answer two multiple choice questions about safe driving. Only one vote is allowed per email per day, and the competition ends at 11:59 p.m. this Saturday.
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