French Honor Society helps young wrestlers


These young wrestlers hope to wrestle for RBHS one day. Photo by Morgan Berk

Harsh Singh

Photo by Morgan Berk
These young wrestlers hope to wrestle for RBHS one day.
Photo by Morgan Berk
From promoting healthier lunches to holding bake sales, students are becoming more proactive in the community. The French Honors Society partnered with Cor which is for local kids with poor backgrounds. Cor consists of young, local kids who are all in a wrestling group.
Junior Minna Oba, one of the leaders for the French Honors Society, said the members of the group hope to help the children continue to follow their wishes.
“Cor wrestling provides athletic opportunities along with relational and scholastic support for undeserved kids in Columbia,” Oba said. “We decided to partner with them because, in the past, we’ve adopted a family for Chirstmas, and this year we wanted to do something that was more close to home where we would be able to actually meet the kids and interact with them.”
The Honors Society plans to make food and provide it to the young wrestlers after practices. Betsy Poehlmann, another member of the French Honors Society, said they also will set goals for each semester which will also help the wrestlers.
“One of the goals for the semester is to buy a pair of wrestling shoes for them,” Poehlmann said. “We will also set others goals after we accomplish this one.”
The French Honors Society will also be holding a crepe sale scheduled in November to raise money for the young wrestlers. The money gained from the sale will specifically go toward the Cor Association.
“The money is going to help buy some wrestling shoes for the Cor wrestling team,”Oba said. “We will also use the money to bring food for the kids after practice by just getting French Honors Society together and making easy finger foods for the kids collectively as a group.”
Junior Alp Kahveci, member of the Honors Society, believes their partnering with the Cor wrestling group is a great way to interact with new people and help others in need.
“I am really glad we get the chance to help out these young wrestlers who are very passionate with what they do,” Kahveci Said. “I think this has been one of the coolest things the French Honors Society has done because we get to help out so many young kids.”
By Harsh Singh