Boys’ soccer cruises past Helias


Molly Mehle

[heading]Rock Bridge 3, Helias Catholic 0 [/heading] The short 30-minute bus ride to Helias took the boys soccer team on its first step to a 3-0 win.
“We by no means overlooked Helias , but we knew that we could win and win comfortably,”  senior Cooper Smith said. “We ended up winning 3-0, a score that is good, yet could have been better. You could just tell that the aggressiveness and tactical awareness was a bit off by everyone. That’s just something we will get worked out with practice this week in preparation for playing SLU Friday.”
About 20 minutes into the game, junior Connor Blitz scored the Bruins first goal.  Shortly after, senior captain Salim Gumati put another one in the back of the net, giving the Bruins a 2-0 lead going into halftime.  Although the Bruins dominated for most of the game, Gumati believes they could have played better considering the team’s potential.
“We dominated the whole game,” Gumati said. “We missed a lot of opportunities, but managed to put 3 away. Maybe should have won that game by a lot more, but it’s okay. We just have to keep looking forward to the next games.”
Once into the second half of the game, senior Jacob Kovarik made the third goal with an assist from sophomore Brett Bales. The Bruins took risks during the game and focused on continuing to get better as a whole. The boys won many games, but have also lost this year, and therefore are a well-rounded team. They have thought positively, going into games with confidence.
“We went in to Helias knowing they weren’t going to be as good as some of the other teams we have faced in the past, so in a way we took this game as an opportunity to practice our formation, try out new things, put people in different positions and processing the ball,” Blitz said. “We were pretty successful in how we played against Helias but there’s still stuff to work on. Playing Helias helped us get some of those kinks out.”
By Molly Mehle