Theatrical Showcase closes today


Brett Stover

Photo By: Mikaela Acton
Photo By Mikaela Acton
For some, the Theatrical Showcase is the culmination of their first year of performing arts education at Rock Bridge. For others it is their last hurrah, the final performance before they graduate.
Featuring selections from Hair, The Importance of Being Earnest and Off the Map, this year’s showcase contains a variety of scenes from musicals and straight plays. The performance is a joint production of the Advanced Acting and Musical Theatre classes and is co-directed by Mike Pierson and Mary-Margaret Coffield. The two groups have rehearsed for many weeks before putting the performance together this week.
“In class I think we ran a month or two,” sophomore Raychel Mooney said, “but we didn’t put it all together until this week.”
Mooney, who is Kid Fiona in Shrek, a jester in Magic to Do and a hippy in Hair, says the showcase is exciting because she is “able to have the experience of being in a bunch of different shows at once; just seeing everything come together.”
Junior Andrew Pierce plays the Penguin in “Off the Map,” a scene in which a young couple struggling through their marriage gets lost in Antarctica. Because of his discussion with the penguin, Scott (senior Troy Guthrie) rediscovers his love for his wife.
“I’m looking forward to most about performing the interesting characters,” Pierce said. “I play a very interesting character, and I’m interested in seeing how the audience reacts to that.”
Most scenes generally caused a reaction of uproarious laughter, even Blithe Spirit. In this selection, Madame Arcati (senior Lauren Puckett) attempts to free Charles Condomine (senior Asa Lory) from his two dead wives. The ghosts, played by seniors Carmel Shaka and Morgan Widhalm, have come back to haunt him.
“I’m definitely excited for the reactions people are going to get once they see me and Morgan [Widhalm] on stage because I usually don’t look this white,” Shaka said. “Also, I just am hoping that all the work I’ve put in to it and stuff because it’s been a lot more intense than … so far I just hope it all goes over well. I don’t want anyone to fall asleep. I want them to be like ‘wow’ and just like stay in the scene with us. That’s what I’m really excited about. If I can do that I know I’ll have had a really successful year and my hard work has paid off. Right now I’m just excited about this. It’s going to be a really good show.”
The final performance of the Theatrical Showcase is at 7:00 tonight (Saturday) in the PAC. Admission is $6 or an activity pass.
By Brett Stover
Photos by Mikaela Acton
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