Student View: New planets potentially able to support life


Renata Poet Williams

Thursday, April 18, astronomers were said to have found two promising places to live just 1,200 light-years from earth. No life has been found on these planets, and people are skeptical on if life will ever be discovered. The two planets are about half the size of Earth and may even be covered by oceans and skies.
Bearing News asked students:
1. If there was life on another planet, what would you hope it’d be like?
2. If you could, would you want to live there? Why or why not?
3. How do you think intelligent life on another planet would compare to ours?

Photo by Renata Williams
Kryston Nunnelly, sophomore
“[I’d hope the planet would be] fun and more futuristic. That’d be cool.”
“Their intelligence would probably be better. I probably would [want to live there], but I think I’d miss earth because it’s so different.”
Photo by Renata Williams
Photo by Renata Williams
Michael Stewart, senior 
“I’d hope [the planet would] be normal like here. I don’t want it to be all crazy and stuff, like all different.”
“[Their intelligence would be] twice ours; two times better than ours.”
“Nope, I’m perfectly content with staying here [on Earth].”
Syd Ellis, sophomore 
Photo by Renata Williams
Photo by Renata Williams
“I think anything we can learn from [another planet] would be cool. I guess it’d be kind of cool if we ran into intelligent life or something, but it seems very unlikely.”
“All [of] that seems dependent on how long they’ve been around and stuff and what they’ve had to interact with on the planet. I guess we can assume they evolve the same way we do.”
“It seems like it’d all depend on the place and the alien or whatever, but maybe [I’d go].”
Photo by Renata Williams
Victor Vu, senior
“[I want it to be] something futuristic, probably similar to our earth.
“As long as [the planet is] eco-friendly and we start protecting the environment, [I’d live there].”
“[The intelligence is] probably similar but [with] some maybe different [ideas].”
By Renata Williams