Generation Me


We are the children of the X’ers and the younger siblings of the Y’s. We are obsessed with ourselves, some scholars say, naming us Generation Me. Others argue we are best defined by our dependence on and desperation for technology, titling us the iGeneration. We are unrivaled competitors, spoiled techies and avid multitaskers ­­— a generation shaped by society, trying to shape society itself.
Wall Street used to symbolize America’s presence in the global economy. It was the place where the rich, the successful and the educated went to prove their worth. It was the center of global attention, the master bank of banks, the place that really ran the international economy.
With the recent protest, “Occupy Wall Street,” the icon that once mirrored the spirit of the American population shattered into a completely different façade — people today are unemployed, fed-up and rebellious. The economy is crumbling and everyone — even teens — know it…
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