Volleyball beats Kewpies with landslide victory


Brittany Cornelison

Sophomore Sophie Cunningham prepares to bump the ball over the net to secure a lead for the match. Photo by Patrick Smith.
The JV team finished its second match with a landslide victory, 25-10.
“It was our first away game so in general we played pretty good,” junior Annah Webber said. “I think it was a great game, but also a great learning experience because we got to see how it is off of our home court.”
Varsity also showed no mercy for the Kewpies, pulling ahead at the beginning of the first match with a 19-10 lead, and a 25-13 win.
During the second match, varsity won once again with a score of 25-15. However, according to varsity player Jessica Lambert, there is always room for improvement
“We did well, but not to our full potential,” Lambert said. “We fought and kept their score down but we still could have won by a bigger point difference.”
This game showed to the Lambert, Webber and their team that they can hold out against their crosstown rival with confidence.
“It’s always great beating your rival school,” Webber said. “It felt amazing.”
By Brittany Cornelison