Meet sophomore student council candidate Austin Davis

Meet sophomore student council candidate Austin Davis

Jacqueline LeBlanc

Why are you running for Student Council?

I want to be very involved in extra curricular acctiveties other than just soccer. I belive this could be fun and a good start.

What impact do you hope to make as a  Student Council representative?

To set a good example for my other classmates and listen to the needs of the student body.

What qualities do you have that makes you qualified to be a  Student Council representative?

Im a leader and listens/respects my classmates.

What are you looking to change in  Student Council this year?

Use students suggestions to help  make rockbridge  better.

What is something you would like to see Rock Bridge more involved in?


What do you think the student body is looking for in a candidate?

Me (It shows confidence)

What activities are you involved in?

Rock Bridge soccer and Young Republicans Club.

What would you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths- Not Shy, Social, listen well     

My weaknesses- I work too hard.

 If you were given $1,000 what would you do with it?

Hide it somewhere in rockbridge for one lucky student to find.

What is one thing you want the Rock Bridge Student body to know about you?

I will do anything… anything.

By Jacqueline LeBlanc