Andy’s Frozen Custard plans for a sweet Saturday

Alex Burnam

Photo by Alex Burnam
Tomorrow, Saturday, April 28, Andy’s Frozen Custard, 610 Cooper Dr. N, will attempt to break a world record for “longest chain of people simultaneously eating ice cream” at their annual summer kick off celebration.
“The current record is 2,748 people,” said Brandon Arnold, the store manager. “We are hoping to get about 3,000 people eating custard tomorrow at the same time.”
Anyone who arrives shortly before noon will receive free frozen custard to eat while standing in line. While waiting, there will be other festivities going on to kick off the summer.
“There will be local service vehicles like ambulances and firetrucks for little kids to explore,” Arnold said. “Older people will be sure to find our little car show interesting as well.”
The Columbia Corvette Club will be making an appearance along with the Columbia Mustang Club.
“I’m definitely going to tomorrow’s kick off,” said senior Beau Burkett. “I’m a huge fan of delicious treats.”
In addition to breaking a world record, Andy’s take donations all day for the University of Missouri Children’s Hospital and sell frozen treats at a reduced price of buy one get one free.
“This summer kick off will be a great way to get the summer rolling,” Arnold said. “Not only will people be able to have some delicious treats, but we will be raising money for a great cause at the same time.”
By Alex Burnam