After The Show

Asa Lory

I always have a good time at Capers seeing the different acts. I enjoy watching the singers and the dancers perform because I know they’re doing what they love and sharing it with the school. There’s something special in that.

Carly Allen loves jazz, and her voice is so good it’s nearly tangible.

Julian Vizitei also loves band, but he’s a fan of self-deprecating humor as well.

Although Stephanie Bonham was completely in character for her dance, she showed up for bows with a huge smile on her face; performing comes naturally to her.

Performing also comes naturally to Ian Meyer, frontman of Lot 56.

Connor Gundy returned to Capers this year with his signature move, the pop medley.

RBX3 also made a repeat appearance. Jamie Wang is one of their most talented performers.

Grant Flakne pulled out his southern twang for one of his favorite songs, Four Winds.

Landon Fitzpatrick boldly went where no man had gone before.

And in the night’s surprise act, Brown Bear and Friends grooved a rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.”
The crowd loved it, but my opinion is that the performers loved it, and that fact is most important of all.