Dodgeball tournament draws 120 players


Avantika Khatri

[nggallery id=81] Photo gallery by Halley Hollis
Global Issues Club hosted a dodgeball tournament last night to raise funds for RBHS’ sister school in Darfur, Choula A. The event drew 120 players from RBHS, Hickman High School and others in the community.
It started off in a round robin format. Combinations of two teams of six played against one another. Sixteen teams with the highest number of points then proceeded to a bracket. Teams Globo Gym and Balls Deep then headed off in the finals. Globo Gym White Cobras, comprising sophomores Eli Stout, Brady Pfeiffer, Zach Carroll, Quinn Smith, Sabien Cook and Travon Tumney, won and took home a $50 gift certificate to Flat Branch.
“It was really fun, just to hang out with my friends there and have a good time. And it got competitive, but that’s all right because everybody’s competitive,” Carroll said. “We just had a fun time.”
Team Balls Deep’s members won chocolate-covered cookies from the Candy Factory. Both teams had to defeat three other teams to reach the finals, making the semifinals a fight too.
“If you’re not first you’re last, but second’s pretty cool, too,” senior Brad Sherman said on behalf of Balls Deep, members, including RBHS seniors Jacob Whitt and Tyler Brittain and HHS seniors Connor Moore, David Nittler and Logan Fitch.
Senior Bill Milanick said Global Issues had prepared for the event for several months, and the success might make the tournament an annual event.
“We were playing dodgeball, and we were expecting about 12 teams, but instead we came up with about 20.  so it was really packed, and it was really hot everywhere, but it was a really fun event. Although, there were some tempers flying at some points during the night, but that’s what you get with a competitive event. Overall we raised about $600, and it was a really fun event,” Milanick said. “It was our best fundraiser since I’ve been in Global Issues.
Story by Avantika Khatri