Decisive student body election results mean no run-offs

Kaitlyn Marsh

After bubbling in empty circles and casting ballots for next year’s student council representatives all day Wednesday, the juniors that will take the positions as student body officers next fall are Abby Spaedy as treasurer, Morgan Widhalm as secretary, Julia Schaller as vice president and Eli Sherman as president.

Eli Sherman will lead the student body as president next year.
 Read Sherman’s campaign promises here. He said he wanted to “be able to include the whole student body of Rock Bridge for homecoming, courtwarming.”
Julia Schaller ran on the ballot unopposed. She will take the office as student body vice president next year.
 Read Schaller’s campaign promises here. Schaller said she wants “to keep the Rock Bridge spirit alive. I intend to keep activities fun and energetic as well as structured, organized, and all for a good cause. I love all that student council does and I want to maintain awesome Rock Bridge traditions. I want to continue making Rock Bridge a positive place and a very diverse and culturally accepting place.”
Morgan Widhalm will take the roll of secretary next fall.
 Read Widhalm’s campaign promises here. She said she wants to make “Student Council more efficient and more cohesive as a group. I feel like the best way to change things is to start from the inside, and I really want to bring the best that we can at Rock Bridge because we have such a great student group, great teachers, great environment, that I want to make sure that we’re not falling short of the really high standards that the school sets for us.”
Abby Spaedy will be student body treasurer next year.
 Read Spaedy’s campaign promises here. Spaedy said, “The chair people are talking about how we can get in and get involved with the school. I hope I can give back to the school and I just think that maybe I can help defer the math and help more with where the money goes.”