Girls soccer sweeps Hannibal

Katrina Fox

Getting back into the swing of things from spring break, the RBHS girls soccer team loaded up a bus headed down to Hannibal (4-3) on the warm afternoon of Tuesday, April 3. Both junior varsity and varsity (1-1) played their opponents fiercely, with the JV girls winning 4-0 and varsity dominating the field 6-0.
This was the JV squad’s first game of the season; the JV game started at five o’clock, but they played with shortened halves as a result of the number of injuries on the Hannibal team.

The intensity as well as the nerves were there from the start of the game, pushing the girls to be successful to the end. Bruins’ first goal was scored by freshman Ellen Bromstedt within the first two minutes of the first half.
“It was good to get the first game out of the way,” JV coach Kyle Austin said. “I thought it was a perfect game for us, as I saw a lot of good things and some fixable issues that we can work on moving forward. All-in-all, I was impressed with our play and excited about the continued development as we move forward.”
Following the first goal, three other goals were scored before the final whistle was blown, indicating the end of the JV game and a win for the Bruins.
While warming up, the varsity team faced the challenge of  getting use to the unusual style of playing on grass rather than a turf field. The main difference between the two was the changes in the speed the ball would travel. After adequate introduction to the field, it was time to play.
The first goal was scored by junior Morgan Bumby in the first half, about thirteen yards out. After that goal, the RB girls found a spark.
“The goals got us going, and once we got that first goal it proved to us that we could do it,” senior Alyssa Fancher said. “It gave us an energy boost and after our first goal we picked up the intensity and kept scoring more.
Quickly, individual talent started to shine through, but lacking a team effort. However, with the ideal mindset to pass the ball around the whole field, the RB girls were starting to find other players’ feet.
“I felt like when we played our brand of soccer was when we had the most flow as a team,” senior Kenzie Jacoby said. “When we can shut out a team 6-0, you have to keep in mind to stick to possession and passing and not play down to the opponents level.”
By Katrina Fox