Baseball team remains undefeated

Maddie Davis

After beating the Waynesville Tigers 2-1 on March 17, the Bruins maintained their winning record on March 20. Because of the defeat against St. Dominic Crusaders 7-0, junior Jansen Smith believes the Bruins will continue to be successful.
“I think the season will go well if we keep our loose flaccid appearance on the field,” Smith said. “The season will get harder as it goes on so it’s really important to be able to think about the next game and not focus on our success in the past.”
Because the team is determined to focus on current games, the Bruins often switch pitchers between seniors Ryan Schmidt and Ryan Phillips. During the fifth inning, Schmidt was pulled out despite the 2-0 lead.
“If it’s a close game then sometimes we put in a different pitcher,” Smith said. “It really depends on the situation. They both help our offense a lot when we don’t produce runs.”
With both pitchers adding confidence to the team, Smith is ready for the upcoming games in St. Petersburg, Fl.
“We’re going to be practicing a lot and going through the grind everyday trying to build on our accomplishments,” Smith said. “We want to better ourselves as a team and as individuals. Our motto is one team, one dream.”
By Maddie Davis