Matt Nathanson stops at the Blue Note

Maddie Magruder

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When the song “Faster” by Matt Nathanson comes on the radio, worries are erased and smiles burst out on faces. “Ah, I love this song!” is often uttered. This Thursday, March 15, you can see Nathanson perform this song live at the Blue Note.
Nathanson’s mellow melodies came to the surface in spring of 1993, his first album Please was composed primarily of songs he wrote in high school and college, according to his website. Even though his first album didn’t produce any singles, he didn’t stop. He has since released seven albums, with ten songs from three of the albums becoming singles so far.
One of his most recognizable songs include “Come on Get Higher,” from the 2007 album Some Mad Hope. The song not only became popular in the U.S, but it went platinum with more than $1.8 million in single sales. The song is a simple expression of love, a breezy melody making it easy listening.
Another favorite is “Faster,” from the 2011 album Modern Love. The upbeat but gentle song makes sure you know how “you make my heart beat faster,” the cute lyrics making every girls’ heart melt and hope someone will sing those words to her one day.
Nathanson’s years of experience and fun songs are sure to make for a great show. Tickets are available on the Blue Note’s website. If you’re looking for a night full of smiles and carefree swaying to music, you won’t want to miss Matt Nathanson on Thursday.
By Maddie Magruder