‘Mockingjay, Part 2’ provides satisfying end to ‘Hunger Games’ triology

Grace Dorsey

Gone are ohe grandeur and pageantry of the previous movies in the “Hunger Games” franchise. Instead they’re replaced by the a mixture of heart pounding and heart wrenching moments perfectly enhanced by the smooth cinematography.

“Mockingjay Part Two” picks right off from where the last installment ended, Katniss recovering from Peeta’s outburst. The storyline is streamline and fluid, taking the viewer on an emotional roller coaster that fully immerses them into the plot. The directors clearly knew exactly where to put the breath-stopping moments in a way that neither was boring nor redundant.
Even though there were several moments in which the pace sped up considerably, I never felt lost. Whatever the dialogue was missing, the acting made up for it.
Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth really conveyed each scenes’ emotions well, which greatly added to the film’s quality. Whether it was a tender moment or an action packed sequence, these actors didn’t miss a beat. Altogether, the storyline was clear, concise and magnetizing.The detail in the characters’ costumes and the sets was just amazing. It’s easy to tell that there was no skimping on taking the vivid scenery from the book and bringing it into reality, but what really made this movie top notch was the cinematography.
Each scene was incredibly enhanced with not just the special effects, but the lighting and the camera angles. The longshots completely captured the magnitude of the extremely realistic special effects, giving a full sense of the characters’ point of view. The close-ups of Katniss’s face were what made it all feel human, not just a film heavily relying on the crutch of big action scenes to entertain.
There was never a moment where a scene felt awkward or out of place. In fact, it felt like the each and every scene’s cinematography portrayed the story by enhancing emotions while connecting to the plot as a whole. Overall the lights, special effects and camera angles made the entire film smooth.