RBHS Concert Choir to sing at Jack’s Gourmet Restaurant


Ashleigh Atasoy

IMG_1549The Concert Choir will sing at Jack’s Gourmet Restaurant Friday for the restaurant’s annual Fabulous Fifties Club Christmas Dinner. This will be the first year the choir will perform for the event. Performing Arts director Mike Pierson is excited for the new opportunity for RBHS and can’t wait until Friday.

“They are a civic organization that called us to provide entertainment [and] caroling for their event,” Pierson said in an email interview. “ They called us [and] …  I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Along with the holiday repertoire for the night, choir members are excited to get into the Christmas spirit while experiencing the benefits of a new environment. Senior Sam Ryan is particularly looking forward to the new location and audience members. Along with Ryan, other members are looking forward to the event as well.

“I think we’re all excited to get to sing at a different venue than we’re used to. It’ll be fun to have a different audience and sing somewhere besides the [Performing Arts Center],” Ryan said. “We’re singing some Christmas carols which I know I and lots of others are really excited to do. It’s really putting us all in the holiday spirit and hopefully we can put some other people in the spirit too.”

By Ashleigh Atasoy