Saved by the bell: Five-minute change to ringing schedules

Kirsten Buchanan

Thursday technicians changed when bells ring. Photo by Muhammad Al-Rawi
Students won’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
According to an email sent by Jennifer Mast, the assistant principal in charge of building operations, RBHS is adjusting its bell clocks to be closer to real time today.
The schedule for the year has had them ringing two to three minutes late. Now they will be set to ring approximately five minutes faster, assisant principal Lisa Nieuwenhuizen said.
“After the fall time change, we noticed that the clocks were about three minutes behind the times on the computers. So we put in a work order and they’re really busy people, so I sent them another one and another one,” Nieuwenhuizen said. “But yesterday they contacted us and they were like, ‘What’s the problem?’ and we were like, ‘Well, the bells are like five minutes slow now and everyone just leaves class because class should be over.’ …  The bells will be about five minutes faster than what they were this morning.”
Many students were initially confused by the slow bell clock and, therefore, are eager about the change to closer to what their cell phones show.
“When the bells are not set to the right time, it messed up my schedule,” sophomore Grayson Holliday said. “It was just annoying. I believe that the school is obliged to make them ring at the correct time.”
 By Kirsten Buchanan